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Postage Metering Services

Whether you have a meter or not, or whether you have a lot of mail or a few pieces, leave it to Standard Printing-n-Mailing to ensure the right amount of postage is applied to each piece. By letting us meter your mail, you can use your valuable time for other activities,  eliminate the need to wait in line at the post office, eliminate the need to rent a machine, purchase ink and labels, and wait for maintenance when problems arise.

The City of Hutchinson reported a cost of reduction of 45% by having us meter their daily mail. We have been metering all of their mail since October 2015.

The Hutchinson School District decided to have us meter their daily mail instead of being tied to a long term lease agreement, in addition to saving money. We have been metering all of their mail since January 2014.

Is your postage meter costing or saving you money?

Tired of running to the post office to buy rolls of stamps and manually applying a stamp(s) to each piece of mail?

The current postage rate for a 1 ounce letter is $0.49 each with a stamp.

The current postage rate for a 1 ounce letter is $0.46 when metered. (Yes, there is a fee for us to meter and deliver your mail to the post office.)