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Data Processing

From March 2013 to February 2017, the City of Waconia saved money by allowing us to process and create their monthly utility bills.  We generated a ready-to-print PDF file of the utility bills for them to print and mail.  This partnership allowed them to reduce their paper, printing, and postage costs. In addition, they were able to reduce their labor costs as we automated most of their manual processes.

As of March 2017, we are now in charge of the whole process.  

Besides providing quality service, the transition from in-house processing to being outsourced was smooth and error free.

We also provide data processing / cleansing of address lists along with document creation services for other print and mail shops in the states of: Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, and Texas.  This service allows them to focus printing and mailing their customers jobs.  When we create the ready-to-print documents, our software structures the printable file so their printers can complete the job in less time than what they normally can do.